Karma Coffee


pause and connect

Just as the dot in kar.ma COFFEE, our spaces are the pause we need to punctuate and give rhythm to our days. They can be moments of stillness and reflection or shared hours of fun and energy that revitalize and inspire us. It is also in these moments that the best friendships are made.

one drop
at a time

We hand-brew our coffee slowly with love and care. The process is as important as the result if not more.

Despite being a simple way to make a delicious cup of coffee, hand-brewing brings out the sophisticated flavors and unique aromas of single origin coffee like ours.

kar.ma COFFEE

kar.ma COFFEE, on the second floor of Gyanmandala (Jhamsikhel), features a charming plant curtain that envelops us in a delightfully warm cocoon. Here, closer to nature, you can savor your coffee and other delicious treats while fostering moments of self-reflection and meaningful connections with others.

A vibrant and dynamic community is born out of Gyanmandala’s mission to promote creativity and connections by hosting various initiatives such as art and dance classes, a music academy, boutique stores and much more.


Gyanmandala, Level 2, 

Jhamsikhel, Patan


+977 984-3767232


7:00AM- 8:00PM 

kar.ma COFFEE

Karma COFFEE at Bouddha is located near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bouddhanath. The open courtyard is next to Utpala Cafe which has a big parking space which we co-use. The open courtyard faces a narrow street that leads in a 2 minute walk to the Kora.

The cafe’s peaceful atmosphere mirrors the feel of the nearby stupa. In this space, we often organize events such as book launches, spontaneous concerts, coffee tasting and art events.



Pawo Gompa Road,

Next to Utpala Cafe, Boudha


+977 9866273244


7:00AM- 8:00PM 

Between Tea & coffee

The art of cultivating, processing, and preparing tea and coffee reflects the beautiful creativity of humankind. When we brew these drinks, there is a gentle and peaceful rhythm to it, creating a relaxing experience. Both tea and coffee offer a sensory journey with their rich aromas, flavors, and textures. Some single origin coffees even share delicate notes with tea, such as hints of citrus and berries, followed by a smooth, tea-like mouthfeel.

These drinks come with their own set of traditions, adding a comforting thread of continuity to our lives. They gently remind us of daily routines and the importance of mindfulness. They start conversations and foster connections. Coffee and tea breaks have long been cherished moments where ideas are exchanged, stories are shared, and bonds are formed.