A Discovery of fairtraide, hand picked, Nepalese Coffee, directly from the Himalayas.

The combination of altitude, soil and nurture that gives our coffee its unique taste: almond, pear, chocolate, maple flavors brews or those citing fresh citrus undertones, we have something for everyone. Coffee’s beans can be traced back to the farmer who plucked it and who gets a fair share of the coffee cake. We source direct from small cooperatives in Nepal and work closely with the local farmers, to help to improve their livelihoods. The vision is, to improve the working and living conditions of the farmers and their families, to improve the quality of the beans from crop to cup and create a new culture of enjoying coffee in Nepal.

From Crop to cup

From the moment the seedling is planted to the first sip, a minimum of eleven stages takes place.


Our coffee beans grow at an altitude of 1100 – 1400 m in the mid-hill region of Nepal – how it gained its name, High Altitude Coffee. Alongside the company of other citrus trees, banana, spice, herb and nut trees as well as bees, our plants grow best basking in a half-shade, doused with 100% organic fertilizers.



Converting the red cherries to delicious coffee is about precision and effort. The sweet fruit flesh is removed by pulping immediately after harvest, lest it molds. The wet-processing involves fermenting the beans for about a day, and then it needs a really good wash with a lot of water, rare in the mid-hills and therefore involving man-power (or mostly women-power in Nepal) to fetch the water long distance.

SUN Drying

During the sundrying process the beans require frequent rotation and then the hard skin needs to be hulled. Skilled women then grade them and hand- sort the green beans.


the perfect roast

Once we receive the green beans, we conduct a sample roasting and develop a roast profile. With the roast profile ready we head for the 10kg roaster and transform the green beans into fluid gold.

the daily grind

Each bag of Coffee is ground, handpacked and sealed for freshness before it is handlabelled and hits our shelves.