a display of all that culminates in one central Patan location.

The COFFEE Boutique is where the real magic happens: a display of all that culminates in one central Patan location.
Walls lined with beauty products and ceilings scattered with handmade lamps, all made from recycled coffee and its byproducts. The space is filled with handmade mangowood furniture and recycled cycle parts, old bus seats, doors and windows.


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7:00AM- 8:00PM


Karma Coffee @ HUB, Dhanghadi, Nepal

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Our busy cafe has come to be the chosen work and hangout hub for many local professionals, expatriates, artists, musicians and visitors who make the effort to find the place that is tugged away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


What makes us different compared to many coffee shops in Nepal is that we make our coffee by hand. While we use gas to heat and brew our coffee, everything is prepared by hand. In the beginning, the hand brewing equipment derived from Hario Japanese brand. Through time, they’ve been switched to Nepali products.


You’ll find everything made in our open kitchens. We keep it open and in the centre, as it’s the central communication hub in every household across the world. Plus, sitting around the kitchen and watching everything get made makes you feel at home.