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Supper club

The Supper Club was created out of love for great food, good company, interest in experimenting with new flavors and getting to know new cooking styles.  The creators of the dishes are passionate Home-Chefs or Chefs from unique new restaurants who like to introduce their food. 

Every menu is especially curated and themed for this interactive event. You will learn about the ingredients and the personal story behind the dishes. Seats are limited to max. 24 people. The tables are set up around an open kitchen space.

It started in 2019 as a casual communal dining concept and found it’s proper name and purpose thanks to our true foodie friend Aradhana Gurung. If you like to join, become a member in our Supper Club @ HUB

For further information and booking details please contact us at:

Upcoming events

Renovation of @ Gyanmandala Patan.
We are ten years old. A good opportunity to be grateful that we are still here and take the opportunity to improve and grow. We renovate and will be closed from 19th October till after Tihar and reopen 29th October


Did you ever wonder how your coffee comes into your cup? Coffee is Art. To convert a red cherry into a flavorful drop it requires many passionate and experienced hands.
Every processing step contributes to the overall quality. If one person along the chain makes mistakes in one processing step your cup will show that.
This is a two-hour immersion into the world of specialty coffee. It gives you insights into farming, the production process, hand roasting, grinding, brewing and how every by-product can be used to create some beautiful new items.
It’s conducted at the kar.maCOFFEE outlets
For further information and booking details please contact us at:


Grandma knew it already: a Pour Over is the winner among the hand-brewing options!

Today you are overwhelmed with choices of how to make Pour coffee and a little bit intimidated when you go in your favorite coffee shop and the nerdy magic happens.

We demystify the Pour Over for you and let you find your perfect way of doing that. You need to be comfortable and at ease with your equipment and have enough basic knowledge to enjoy making and drinking your cup.

We are here for you. Let’s do it together. No question is too much.

This session will talk about the different coffees, right roast and ground, water, equipment, brew technique and of course some hands on practice during which you can ask all your question. You will be so ready to make your own cup.

Duration: 1 hours

For further information and booking details please contact us at: COFFEE loves to host.

Are you planning a special event in an intimate and personal setting?
Talk to us! Our outlets are in Patan/ Gyanmandala and in Boudha.
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For further information and booking details please contact us at: