Coffee Sample Giftbox

This gift box comes with 5 different 150 gm bags and all details about each coffee. You choose beans or ground. It helps you to find your favorite beans and gives you the pleasure to be able to change according to your mood.
It's a beautiful gift for coffee lovers. Packaged in a handmade paper box and wrapped in coffee paper.


1 cup everyday for one year


18 coffeetrees

100 coffeetrees


1 year education in rural areas in Nepal

We like to give our coffee a story, a face and a connection between the farmers and you!

We source them direct from small cooperatives in Kaski, Ilam, Nuwakot, Kavre and Sindhupalchowk Districts in the Mid-hills in Nepal and work closely with the local farmers, to help to improve their livelihoods. Overall we work with more than 800 farmers families.

Every harvest is different depending on climate, farmers and some unforeseeable factors like earthquakes, economic blockade, corona etc. We also add new farmer’s owned cooperatives according to demand. Please ask us whats in our shelf. We are happy to recommend the right coffee for you.