Karma Coffee


We recently hosted a Coffee Experience session at kar.ma COFFEE Gyanmandala, organized for coffee lovers eager to dive into the world of Nepali coffee. During this session, we took our participants on a journey from the coffee plant to the cup, covering everything in between. We started by unraveling the mysteries of coffee’s origins and the journey it takes to reach our mugs, right from the Nepali coffee farms.

Understanding how coffee is grown and where it comes from is the first step to becoming a true coffee connoisseur.

But it wasn’t all talk! Participants had the unique opportunity to touch and feel coffee beans at various stages of processing. From there, we manually roasted the beans on a stove and a local pot. The rich, aromatic scent of freshly roasted coffee filled the air.

Next up, it was time to grind the coffee beans. Our participants got to experience the satisfying transformation of whole beans into a fine coffee grind, ready for brewing. The final step was the brewing process. We brewed the coffee using pour overs. We discussed the taste after everyone tasted the coffee.

In the end, it was more than just a coffee session; it was a hands-on coffee adventure. We hope to see you at our next Coffee Experience session, where you too can become a coffee expert from seed to cup!