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kar.ma COFFEE invites you to create moments that lets you indulge your emotions, nurture connections and savor the present moments. We are proud to have a community of like-minded people who want to make a difference in our societies and the environment.

Discover pure moments of tranquility at our cafés, where you can delight in hand-brewed coffee from Nepal’s mid-hills. Forge meaningful connections as you engage with people who share your interests while savoring the authentic flavors that capture the richness of the region’s ecosystem. Pause, sip, and savor the simplicity of life.

What goes into your kar.ma cup

Through our coffee operations, we contribute to a sustainable system where resources are utilized efficiently and responsibly while promoting long-term benefits to the environment and the community.

experience coffee from nepal

We offer a wide selection of unique Arabica coffee varieties, transparently sourced from small cooperatives and independent farming families in Ilam, Kavre, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk and Kaksi districts of Nepal.

introducing handmade by kar.ma coffee

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, these unique creations leave a positive imprint on the environment and local communities. Join us in supporting these artisans and cherishing the beauty of their handcrafted masterpieces.


Escape the hustle and immerse yourself in our sustainable haven. Discover heartwarming coffee tales, embrace unity, compassion, and make eco-conscious connections that celebrate community and the environment.

Come, take a moment to pause and savor the experience at our cafés. Let our coffee brews uplift your spirit as you nurture connections with yourself and others.

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“Kar.ma Coffee Nepal truly captured my taste buds and heart with their exceptional brews, leaving me craving for more. A delightful coffee experience that’s simply unmatched!”

“Kar.ma Coffee Nepal has spoiled me for any other coffee. The aromatic notes and smooth taste of their blends have elevated my coffee drinking experience to a whole new level.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing coffee from various regions, but Kar.ma Coffee Nepal’s distinct flavours have left an indelible mark on my palate. Their attention to detail and passion for coffee excellence are evident in every cup.”

Coffee, Culture and Circularity

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